Reproductive Services

At Faithful Frenchies, we understand the importance of precise and professional reproductive care for your French Bulldog. Our suite of reproductive services is designed to support the breeding process from start to finish, ensuring the health and success of both the dam and sire.

Expert Care

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in French Bulldog breeding, ensuring the highest level of care for your dogs.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We use advanced technology and methods to provide accurate and effective reproductive services.

Personalized Service

We understand that each breeding pair is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Support

From initial testing to pregnancy confirmation, we offer full support throughout the breeding process.

Progesterone Test

Duration: 30 Minutes • Price: $60

Progesterone testing is crucial for determining the optimal breeding time. By measuring the progesterone levels in your dam’s blood, we can pinpoint the best time for mating or artificial insemination to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Confirmation

Duration: 30 Minutes • Price: $50.00

Confirm your dam’s pregnancy with our ultrasound service. This non-invasive procedure allows us to check for pregnancy providing peace of mind and essential information for the upcoming delivery.

Semen Collection

Duration: 30 Minutes • Price: $40

Our semen collection service ensures high-quality samples from your sire. This procedure is performed with care and expertise, maintaining the health and comfort of your dog.

Semen Collection with Shipping

Duration: 1 Hour • Price: $500.00

We offer semen collection with shipping for breeders who need to transport genetic material to another location. This service includes collection, packaging, and overnight shipping from airport to airport. The shipment must be picked up at the closest participating airport.

Artificial Insemination Service

Duration: 30 Minutes • Price: $65

Artificial insemination is a precise method for achieving successful breeding. Our experts perform this procedure in a safe and sterile environment, using the latest techniques to maximize the chances of conception.

Collection & Insemination Bundle

Duration: 1 Hour • Price: $85.00

For a comprehensive solution, our collection and insemination bundle includes both semen collection and artificial insemination services. This package provides convenience and ensures all steps are handled professionally and efficiently.

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Julie Carter

Owner & Director of Breeding Operations

Lee Carter

Director of Business Development

Samira Carter

Chief Security Officer
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Willow Carter

Puppy Socialization Expert
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Purrr-formance Specialist
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Our Reviews


Christine Walker

This breeder is AMAZING!!! They love their dogs and are on top of their game. Julie and Lee are trustworthy, respond quickly to any questions you have and are willing to help with anything you need. I would recommend them to anyone considering getting a Frenchie.

“Definitely Recommend”

Cinthia Villegas

Julie & Lee were amazing! They are very knowledgeable about the dogs they are breeding. Very nice and welcoming. Julie was always there with answers to whatever question I had. Kept me well updated on my fur baby while we waited to pick her up. All their fur babies are very well taken care of. Would definitely recommend them!!

“Highly Recommend”

If you’re looking for a French Bulldog I would highly recommend Julie and Lee they are truly great breeders. They’re professional, knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and caring. I can’t say enough and how happy we are with our puppy Finley.

Susan Gebhardt

“Very Knowledgeable”

Julie & Lee are amazing to work with! They were accommodating to our schedule, very knowledgeable in regards to the breed & have a beautiful well kept kennel. Their dogs, & puppies were well cared for, socialized & healthy looking. After shopping local breeders for months, we would choose them again! Thank you for our new addition!

Lindsay Faye

“Very Professional”

Shakeena White

Great breeders. Very professional and care deeply for their puppies!

“Above And Beyond”

Patti Rice

If you are looking for people that go above and beyond for their dogs … look NO further! They exceeded our expectations when looking for our first frenchie boy. So informative and professional. The search is over THESE are your people/puppies!

“Dream Come True”

Karen Boozer

I cannot recommend Faithful Frenchies enough. They are very caring and informative. You can tell that their puppies are loved and cared for extremely well. Our Ozzy is very well socialized and was shown love before he came to us. I would recommend them for your first or next Frenchie. They made a dream come true for us!

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